Online Bible Studies

Below you will find a list of Bible study resources to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and then use the same resources to fulfill the
Great Commission of Matthew 28:19(“GO ye therefore, and TEACH all nations, BAPTIZING them in the NAME of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”.)

You can now share the Gospel message of salvation with your family, friends and co-workers by simply reading through the Bible studies listed below.
Click on the links and PDF documents to open a copy of the Bible study or to visit the author’s websites

Exploring God’s Word

With 12 lessons that cover the entire Bible, Exploring God’s Word is a great study for those what are just beginning in their walk with God.
This is a great foundational series that will quickly give you a broad view of the Bible and what it teaches.

This series is taught 1-on-1 with a mentor, here is the 1st lesson for you to look over.

Designed for solo learners or small groups, Foundations of Faith has 19 Bible Studies that address key areas of spiritual growth. Produced by Solid Rock Worship Center. Once you download this free booklet (PDF), you can print out the lessons, or send them to your tablet for easy carry.

A Place Prepared For You

This is an excellent Bible study for someone new and wanting to know what true salvation is or would like to “teach” someone, but never thought you knew enough
about the Bible and God to teach someone else.

This Bible study takes about 30 minutes and only requires you to read directly from the pages.The Word of God will speak for itself. If you would like to order more copies you can visit the author’s website at

Into His Marvelous Light

This Bible Study is known as the 1 hour Bible study. You can read or “teach” it in a 1 hour setting or Two 30 minute sessions.
It explores the plan of Salvation found in the Gospels and throughout the New Testament church that the Apostles preached.
This online version is interactive and will allow you to fill in the blanks and print. For additional paper copies and other
great resources from the author visit

Beyond Belief

A Study of Salvation

This is an amazing new Bible Study that enables the reader to understand that there is more to salvation than just “believing”.

This study is an honest, open minded look at what the scriptures say about salvation. We highly recommend this Bible study.
It can be accomplished in an individual format (reader only), taught one-on-one (student with a teacher), or small group setting
that will allow the individuals in the group to interact and connect on a deeper level. We recommend every new believer read this
Bible study – several times. The PDF we have posted below id strictly for viewing purposes. Copies and other great resources may be
purchased at White Steeple Books and Music